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kristy kitsune x grapebrain

DESCRIPTION - Clear Sofubi Hellcat Figure by Grapebrain handpainted by Kristy Kitsune. This piece is translucent with an iridescent finish. Koi fish and sakura details are painted on by hand. Due to the unique hand-painted nature of these pieces, each one differs slightly from the rest. Each piece comes with a signed and numbered authenticity card. 8 pieces were made total.


SHIPPING INFORMATION - Due to Covid, we are not able to offer standard mail shipping at this time as it takes far too long and we cannot guarantee that the pieces will arrive in good condition or that they will not get lost. As a result, we have switched to a courier-based shipping service that is slightly more expensive ($30 USD). The benefits is that it takes far less time (between 5 to 10 days depending on destination) and the likelihood of lost or damaged pieces is signifcantly lower. Thank you for your understanding! 

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