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The first-ever & most rare Fluff Riot Art Toys!

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

During the very early days of Fluff Riot's inception, we were contacted by Toy Art UK to send some pieces to be part of their event in June of 2019. At the time, we were still waiting on the resins of our Khali sculpt to come through, so we put a rush on a few pieces and created our first ever figures by making three colorways of just three pieces each.

Utilizing some of our favorite style elements from splatter and minimalism to color gradients and asian-style clouds, these three colorways were born!

Rise of the Kitsune Khali features a minimal color palette with a combination of airbrushed and brush-worked color gradient detailing. This colorway also has a soft pearlescent sheen and satin finish.

Sunset Kumo Khali features a gradient base color ranging from a soft salmon pink to a bright magenta. Her contrasting japanese cloud details are a hand-painted gradient from turquoise to blue and stand out nicely against her base color. Sunset Kumo Khali also features a light pearlescence and satin finish.

We created the Black and Gold Edition Khali due to our love of minimalism and splatter. Combining the two felt like the perfect union. Utilizing Culture Hustle's black 2.0 and a special gold color mixture, these were hand-splattered resulting in an entirely unique patterning of each piece.

Though we have many more Khali's to create, these three will definitely hold a special place in our hearts since they were our first ever pieces. They are sold out on our site but for a limited time you can purchase piece 1 of 3 of each colorway through Toy Art UK by clicking here. They each come with a signed and numbered Authenticity Card.

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