Khali the three-tailed fox

about fluff riot

Fluff Riot is a contemporary art brand by popsurreal artist Kristy Kitsune. Utilizing her kawaii-punk art aesthetic, Kristy created a cast of vivid original characters whose fates are woven together in the epic story-adventure of the Fluff Riot Universe.


The Fluff Riot characters and figures are all designed and sculpted by Kristy herself. She primarily enjoys creating high-quality, hand-painted collectible resin figures in limited quantities. There are also some small-batch soft vinyl Fluff Riot figures available. Once a colorway is sold out, it’s gone for good and won’t be recreated. 


By combining a roster of skills including sculpture, illustration, character creation and story-telling, Kristy is bringing to life the magical, sci-fantasy and cyberpunk world of the Fluff Riot universe. By juxtaposing opposing elements in her artwork and sculpture, Kristy creates unique designer toys of her well-rounded characters for discerning collectors.


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