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Sakura Sparkle Khali


There are only a few remaining Sakura Sparkle Khalis left at limited retailers worldwide. Click the button below to purchase via Strangecat Toys.


OG Khali


There are only a few remaining pieces of our original Khali vinyl left at limited retailers worldwide.

Click the button below to purchase via Strangecat Toys.

What are designer toys?  Designer, or, Art Toys are high-end figures typically designed by artists and produced with excellent materials in small batch runs to guarantee the quality of every piece. Designer toys are a cross between toys and art with a dedicated base of collectors world-wide. Due to the limited quantities and hand-made quality of designer toys, pricing tends to be higher than what you see with run-of-the-mill toys. Each colorway is entirely unique from previous colorways and limited in number. It is not possible to purchase a colorway once it is sold out unless you find a collector to buy it from.

About Khali, the three-tailed fox - Legends talk of many-tailed foxes, the most powerful of them being the mythical nine-tailed fox. There are many theories as to how and why a fox gains its tails, but as with most things, it is some combination of experience and accomplishment. Khali has three tails. She longs to be like the mythical nine-tailed foxes of legend. Like many of us, she may not yet have achieved her ultimate potential, but she is on her way. On her journey she is discovering that one does need not wait to realize the most powerful version of themselves to create positive, impactful change. And that realization in itself, is true power. Read more from the story of the Fluff Riot Universe.

Fluff Riot was created by artist couple Kristy Kitsune & Taylor Hausriot. Khali was designed and hand-sculpted by Kristy. Khali is one of the main characters of the Fluff Riot Universe and her story is slowly being revealed. The Khali figure exists in both resins and soft vinyl.



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