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Past exhibits



Exploring the relationship between sculptural art and designer toys.

Our first ever Fluff Riot exhibit opened on Friday, Feb. 5th, 2021 at Strangecat Toys Gallery. Using the three-tailed Khali fox sculpt as a platform, 18 artists created 19 gorgeous pieces for this show which fully sold out.

Participating artists: Christopher Luke, Jessica Emmett, Elena Kazi, Mr. KumKum, Mumbot, MJ Hsu, Ciou, ChrisRWK, GhostFoxToys, MPGautheron, Czee13, Jeremiah Ketner, Thomas Han, ZeroProductivity, RatoKim, Ken Keirns, Mr. Mars Studios, and Fluff Riot creator, Kristy Kitsune.

See each of the Khali customs from the exhibit:

'Ancient Ruins, Modern Times' [SOLD]

Artist: Kristy Kitsune

Price: $450

'Sakura Signature Kumo Khali ' [SOLD]

Artist: Kristy Kitsune

Price: $450

'Dreamy Day ' [SOLD]

Artist: Jeremiah Ketner

Price: $300

'Kolorful Khali' [SOLD]

Artist: Mr. Mars Studios

Price: $450

'Stormy Khali' [SOLD]

Artist: Ghost Fox Toys

Price: $250

'Spring Kitsune' [SOLD]

Artist: MJ Hsu

Price: $250

'TutanKhali' [SOLD]

Artist: Mr. Kum Kum

Price: $275

'Into the Rainforest' [SOLD]

Artist: Mumbot

Price: $400

'Red Thread of Fate' [SOLD]

Artist: Christopher Luke

Price: $250

'Tales of Wisdom and Experience' [SOLD]

Artist: Jessica Emmett

Price: $300

'Dark Flower' [SOLD]

Artist: Rato Kim

Price: $300

'Nébuleuse' [SOLD]

Artist: MP Gautheron

Price: $340

'Tiger Khali' [SOLD]

Artist: Elena Kazi

Price: $400

'Ms. Chief One' [SOLD]

Artist: ZeroProductivity

Price: $250

'Life, Paint, Death' [SOLD]

Artist: ChrisRWK

Price: $300

'Fiery Khali' [SOLD]

Artist: Thomas Han

Price: $350

'Spirit Searcher' [SOLD]

Artist: Czee13

Price: $300

'Khali by CIOU' [SOLD]

Artist: Ciou

Price: $300

'Kitty Rumpus' [SOLD]

Artist: Ken Keirns

Price: $600

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