The story of Fluff Riot; Prologue

Vesper Island was discovered long ago by a powerful Tenko, (a nine-tail celestial fox or kitsune), named Vesper.  She made it a sanctuary for those pure of heart and intention. She bestowed a protection over the island; for as long as its citizens would treat each other with kindness and respect, the protection over the island would stay strong. The inhabitants named their new home Vesper Island in honor of their beloved Tenko, who watches over them from the celestial plains above.

For centuries, the citizens of Vesper Island enjoyed happiness and harmony. But the rise of dark forces in the land have allowed fear and mistrust to penetrate their way of life. There are those who recognize the signs and warn against the divisive behavior. But fear is a strong emotion, and a difficult one to fight against. With rumors of Cursed Creatures becoming more frequent, fear and mistrust are giving way to anger, greed and violence. 


Vesper the Tenko


Cursed Creature - Nui the Wolf

But, there is still good in the world.

Khali, the three-tailed fox, grew up in the Temple of the Fu-Dogs. Back when the darkness first emerged, her mother hid her in the Temple to save her. Khali's mother never returned. 

Now, many years later, Khali is grown. As the darkness rises, she is thrust into a quest to seek out the reasons for its re-emergence and unlocks a wealth of secrets regarding her own past and identity. It leads her to destined friendships, dangerous foes, and a world beyond their island that is a vastly different place, thick with corruption and greed. 


Khali the three-tailed fox

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