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The story of Fluff Riot; Prologue

The characters of the Fluff Riot universe live on Vesper Island; a magical, hidden land off the coast of the bustling cyberpunk city of Neo Genshu. For centuries, the inhabitants of Vesper Island enjoyed a life of peace, prosperity and joy. But the world is changing, and there is darkness on the rise. There are whispers that Cursed Creatures have returned, lurking in the shadows, harming citizens of the island. With fear and mistrust growing stronger, the magic that protects the island is starting to weaken.

This is where our story begins…

Fluff Riot Zine - Episode 1

Vesper; Celestial 9-tail fox


Khali the three-tailed fox


Cursed Creature - Nui the Wolf

Khali in Human Form


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